Welcome Primex Uruguay

Since 1980 Primex Construcciones has done different works, small and large, such as the IC-43 housing complexes or the Paysandú Municipal Velodrome.
At present, our company has set itself the goal of continuous updating in terms of new materials and the avant-garde construction forms that have been reformulated so much in the last 20 years.
Therefore, our mission is to achieve the best quality in our services, adjusting our prices to achieve the best equity between cost and profit always.
For all this, our guarantees are insurmountable since we work with materials of excellent quality and we have the best human resource of the country.

– Construction, extensions and reforms (traditional system).

– Construction, extensions and reforms (prefabricated and mixed system).

– Waterproofing (up to 10 years warranty).

– Control of water tables in houses and buildings.

– Waterproofing of water tanks and welding in Sika-Plan.

– Realization of projects, 3D models, photomontages and virtual walks.

– Regularizations to present in IMM, qualifications for Firefighters.

– Development of automation for energy saving of your property or commercial premises.


Construction is the process of putting together anything, such as houses, skyscrapers, bridges, dams, roads and even boats. When we talk about construction, we refer to various forms and combinations of how to make or create various types of structure. The construction is directed towards the terrain where the workmanship is worked with superior and more integrated apparatuses; And thus leaving behind the traditional workforce. In addition, the current construction complements or integrates a more in the coordination of the dimensions, therefore, this is why we design the buildings and the appliances are elaborated in a diversity of standard patterns, which reduces errors and The bad buildings in the construction, and thus avoid having to break walls, plug holes, etc. After done. And because of this great ability contritions have been growing and improving, thus building large complexes and structures, such as cities and entire sectors, shopping centers, dormitory towns, university campuses, etc.